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As a part-time University student and full-time horse girl, Elsie enjoys finding the balance between structure and freedom. Ike and Fara are an endless source of inspiration that help Elsie discover other interests and avenues to explore in the realms of horsemanship as well as her personal life. Writing is an outlet that allows Elsie to integrate her experiences and find meaning in the many ups and downs that come with stewarding horses and being a young adult. Her mission is help horses feel heard and at choice, and continue to learn to listen to herself along the way. She believes that the power of horses lies in their ability to be in tune with themselves and their surroundings. Elsie's intention for creating this blog is to capture the consistent awe she feels as a result of the way her relationships to equines serve to inform and mirror her own journey of growth and awakening, and hopefully offer others a sense of relatability and comfort knowing they are not alone in the emotional landscape that is caring for horses.



The namesake for this blog, Fara is the horse that forever changed Elsie's life. Fara embodies true feminine power; she is outspoken, brave and incredibly sensitive. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and lives life by her own rules. Fara is the horse whom Elsie has shared all of her most pivotal and memorable experiences with horses, such as backing her first horse, competing at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Fl., navigating serious equine health challenges and welcoming Ike into the herd. Fara is the driving force that has shaped much of who Elsie is as the person and horsewoman she is today.



Ike came onto the scene at a time when Elsie really needed him. His gentle, goofy personality melted her heart instantly, and reminded her what it felt like to simply love a horse. Ike's friendly face remains a constant source of comfort and getting to know him over the course of the two years since he joined the herd has been one of Elsie's greatest joys. At 16, Ike is more well-traveled than anyone on the farm. Born in Germany, he competed in upper level dressage competitions all over Europe before eventually landing in snowy Canada in the summer of 2019. In many ways, Elsie credits Ike for being the force that lifted her and Fara out of the hardest period of their relationship. He continues to support their evolution simply by being himself.

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